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"The Everything" Large Terrarium Kit

"The Everything" Large Terrarium Kit

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Build your own terrarium from scratch using a variety of components and learn about the properties that help your open terrarium thrive. 

The Air & Moss 'The Everything' Terrarium Kit includes everything you'll need to create a full terrarium, with glass, plants and tools included. 

'The Everything' Terrarium Kit includes:
Coco and perlite soil mix (watch it magically rehydrate and expand!)
Leca balls
Sphagnum moss
Activated charcoal
Decorative stones
Decorative sand
Beach pebble
Decorative moss
5 terrarium tools
Glass globe (small = 10cm, medium = 15cm, large = 20cm)
Succulent & cacti (small = 1 succulent, medium = 2 plants, large = 3 plants)

If you would like advice on which size of kit is suitable for your needs, please reach out to us; we're always happy to lend a hand.

Our make your own terrarium kit is presented in a beautiful kraft gift box and includes a step-by-step planting and care guide, making it an excellent gift for someone special, or as a personal hobby. 

All of our products are imagined, designed and created in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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