"dogs and plants? how does that work, then?"

We've had this question a few times and there's a fairly simple answer!

We love plants & we love dogs.

During our time as Forge & Foliage, we've always welcomed dogs in store and have been recommending non-toxic plants on a daily basis.

We've reshaped our store & expanded our offering to include dog treats, food & accessories and 4 legged visitors can now order pup cups to enjoy while their humans indulge in our s'mores hot chocolate.

Not all pets will eat and play with all of your plants and we certainly don't judge pet owners who opt for toxic plants (our own dachshunds aren't at all interested in plants!) We 'll mostly stock pet-safe plants with a few exceptions that will be labelled accordingly.

Love plants but not dogs? You're still welcome. Love your dog but not plants? You're welcome too. Just visiting for a s'mores hot chocolate? Perfectly reasonable, they're incredible.

Asking for a pup cup without a dog? It's a little weird but hey, we'll entertain it.

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pet-safe plants

We source a wide range of plants suitable for pet owners (particularly for pesky pups who've been known to chomp!) and non-pet owners alike. 

From leafy calatheas & palms to hardy opuntia & cacti, our friendly team are always happy to advise you on plants to suit your conditions and needs, as well as aftercare tips. 

You'll find terrariums created by us for sale in-store, along with fortnightly evening terrarium workshops.

latest plant arrivals

Whether you're a pet-owner cautious of leaf chomping or a non-pet owner just looking to spruce up your space, we're here to help you find the perfect plant for your needs & room conditions.

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dog supplies

Each product we stock is carefully chosen, with quality being our top priority. 

We're proud to support independent businesses who champion and create high quality accessories, toys & beds. You'll find no nasties in the food & treats we offer. 

All of our team are dog owners or have grown up around dogs - they'll more than happily dish out belly rubs & ear scratches in-store.

dog toys

Nala would play fetch with her squeaky ball 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if she could. Simba's more of a puzzle-solving, spontaneously launch an attack on Mr Teddy Pig kind of boy.

We know dogs have their odd little quirks & we'll always stock a wide range of toys to engage your pup in whatever way they need. 

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terrarium workshops

Learn how to create your own terrarium from scratch with guidance from our team. We offer a variety of glass shapes to suit your style and space.

Buying for a gift? Check out our workshop gift cards & let them choose a date that suits them best.

s'mores hot chocolate & pup cup bar

Yes, your read that right. Both humans and doggos are treated to hedonism in this store!

For the humans: Seasonally-changing, giant handmade marshmallows toasted on top of a single-origin hot chocolate.

Perfect for hugging while you browse our store, or for a leisurely stroll through The Meadows nearby.

For the doggos: Gently warmed milk or oat milk, served with or without a big peanut butter smear.

We guarantee there's no chance of you getting as far as The Meadows before consumption.